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3D Holographic Projection

holographic projection

3D Holographic Projection Technology is an enticing and intriguing form of advertising; unique and one of a kind. It is undoubtedly one of the finest technological innovations in hologram; pushing boundaries and expectations. High definition, 3D holographic projection and its three-dimensional life size illusions when brought together create completely new possibilities, bringing your brand and vision to life. The illusions can either be of a person or a product which are enabled to move and interact with the audience. The technology is used to craft real time projections for live presentations, stage performances and teleconferences conducted across the globe or country.

Quite interestingly, the outcome of 3D hologram doesn’t depend upon the 3D glasses. It can be experienced by everyone without putting the 3D glasses on – an incredible advantage for use at exhibitions, trade fairs and other similar events. The lighting, the holographic projection and the creative 3D content allow the audience to connect with the brand in a completely new way. This technology has already had a spellbinding effect on the people in the whole world. The very realistic appearance & visuals make an unfailing impact upon the consumers, gives an experience of amusement and thrills at the same time.

Spirant Digital, based in Noida, provides its clients with the ground breaking 3D Holographic projection technology an altogether unique experience to advertise their brands and the wow factor to captivate the imagination of their consumers, thus, giving a distinct edge over the competitors. It helps create an enriching experience for the consumers. Our holographic projection company helps our clients bring their imagination about their brand and products to life having opened up a completely new & revolutionary way of presenting the products. We have the products displayed in a high-quality, exclusive and innovative way having taken the needs of the corresponding target groups into account, at the same time. We also enable our clients to educate and entertain their consumers by creating a long lasting impact with 3D hologram technology services.

Some of the applications of this technology have been mentioned below:

Corporate Marketing: Our holographic advertising company is pushing the envelope to a new height and stretching the advertising limit well beyond the boundaries to the far reaching corner of the globe with the prime motive of making successful campaigns for its clients. Even clients are keen to explore & experiment and have accepted the idea of fusing technology with creative thinking. Today, companies can project anything with holographic imagery.

  • They can portray their Products and its features in an engaging and accurate manner.
  • Teleconferences and business meeting can be held in different places and thousands of people can be addressed simultaneously.
  • With this technology, a person can present himself live (Real-Time Holographic Projection) and can also interact with the audience, without even being there physically.

Live Events and onstage performances: Holographic projection India enables the technical expertise along with clever and smart lighting to successfully conduct the events like

  • Award functions
  • Music concerts
  • TV Shows
  • Fashion shows, etc.

Around the globe simultaneously: These live holographic projections are as real as the one we see only in the make-believe science fiction movies.

Education: Holographic Projections can be used to educate students. Holographic teaching opens up unlimited possibilities, which ends up exploring many unchartered educational territories with great success. Institutions and Museums can evoke a huge interest and genuine curiosity within the students in a very engaging and entertaining manner.