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Social Media Marketing in Delhi NCR

With more than one third of the World’s population engaged on social media has transformed the marketing drastically. Social media has turned into a very powerful and influential tool in the world to create awareness and affect the very marketability of the products. Therefore, what else could be a great place for marketing, other than the social media? As a top Social Media Management Company in Delhi-NCR, we help you draw traffic and attention towards your website through social media networks: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc., making utmost use of the power of social media. Having been chosen as a social media marketing agency, we not only help our clients reach out to their potential customers fast, but also captivate their attention by posting engaging and unique social media posts.

Social Media Management:-

Facebook Marketing

Deploying every best practice approaches, we take care of the entire Facebook marketing for our clients in a full-fledged manner. We, being one of the best Facebook Management Companies in Delhi, take care of Creative Facebook Posts, Videos, Carousels, Sponsored Posts, Events, Offers, Polls and many more. We also take great delight in doing a complete Facebook advertising.


Twitter Management

Managing the Twitter platform requires a very smart and unique approach. We, as one of the best in social media sphere, know the best suited practices which would increase the followers on Twitter yielding favorable outcomes with posting tweets that would result in more retweets and likes. We deploy the best practice approaches to work for you and create wave among the Twiteratis.

Instagram Management

Recognizing the fact Instagram is very popular among the youth, we put a special emphasis on the best ways to manage Instagram; which hashtags to use, what sort of text to add on the images and how to tag relevant followers that would increase the virality of Instagram posts and stories. We are also adept at managing Instagram ads to get the best bet for your buck.



LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn as a social media platform has a unique characteristics and consumer needs. Many social media management companies slip off the track or get derailed while managing LinkedIn. However, we find ourselves in a very good position in handling LinkedIn platform. We know how to increase connections to our client’s company page on LinkedIn, we also know how to post blogs on LinkedIn to reach potential customers. And we can manage LinkedIn ads as well.

Pinterest Management

Pinterest, a social media marketing gem, is one of the most effective powerful tools which increases the possibilities enjoying a continued rewards in terms of engaging audiences having driven them back to your site once they pin your posts or videos. With Pinterest we help our clients broaden the marketing scope of their product or brand in a very effective manner. We know exactly how to press the right pulse of the consumers in order to get the best results from Pinterest: which boards get more repins as a result growing leaps and bounds with prudent and efficient management of Pinterest.


YouTube Management

YouTube is much more than just watching funny videos. It’s one of the leading internet search engines; third most popular in the world having a wide reach and generating plenty of traffic. We design the strategies to ensure that our clients don’t miss out on the ever expanding business opportunities having published engaging content for videos that should rank higher in the search results, reaching millions of productive viewers, increasing the number of subscribers to your channels as well as getting links to your website.

WhatsApp Marketing

Nearly-free communication similar to what we call SMS texting, WhatsApp Marketing has turned out to be very powerful and highly personalized method way of communication. Despite the fact that the platform doesn’t allow advertisements since it is specific for personal use, even so, we enable our clients to use the tool to connect and engage with their clients having shared links, images as well as videos with their Whatsapp contacts.


Google+ Management

Google+, a flagship social network of Google, allows users to connect easily through common interests and friendship which provides unique marketing opportunities. Keeping a large number of monthly active Google+ users, we create innovatively engaging Google+ contents which can directly rank in search engines and catapult our clients’ brand and products to the top linking Google+ page to their website as well as post other viral content. Being a premier social media marketing company of Delhi NCR, we all know the best way to manage this social network.

SnapChat Management

With such a strong following of 100 million users, Snapchat is proving to be a valuable resource having immense marketing potential. SnapChat is where all the youngsters and millennials seem to have been taken a special liking. We as a social media marketing agency make use of this unique in-the-moment kind of social media marketing, creating personalized and human touch to the brands and products. We make it an engaging, interactive and fun experience.


Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is the art of marketing on social networks promoting products and brand through digital media and interacting with the followers in bulk in order to gain traffic and attention, all the while making them feel you are having one-on-one interaction with them.

Being one of the best Social Media Marketing companies of Delhi, we know exactly how to make things happen on the social networking, how to customize social media messages to the users in such a way that the message should resonate with each user. We make every social media user feel intimately connected to the brand and products rendering very personalized experience and getting them a free word of mouth publicity.

Considering the fact that 90% of the users browsing through internet do not look beyond the first page of the search engine, we ensure that our clients’ products and brands maintain its position on the first page of the search engine. Users becoming referral points while boasting about the brand in front of their friends and family make for the obvious goal of our job. And Spirant Digital knows exactly how to make that happen. We have managed social media pages of some of the major brands and done with great flair and eloquence. We are one of the most trusted Social Media management agencies of Delhi-NCR, known for our in-depth understanding and required skills in bringing the very best to the table in the sphere of social media marketing.

Apart from the proven methods and techniques we are adept at, we believe to keep striving new and innovative things with each individual social media account with a view to keeping discovering new strategies that may yield even better results for each individual client. Being the premier social media management company of Delhi-NCR, we keep pushing our boundaries and expanding our limits to ensure that we always come up with new strategies to extract the best results on social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Methodology

At Spirant Digital, we devise social media marketing strategies to suit our clients’ needs and aspirations based on the product and services offered by them. We leverage the immense potential of social media marketing by strategizing well-prepared content, designing attractive and engaging creative, having dispatched the content on social media on regular basis and building networks of communication and interaction which undoubtedly make for an efficient experience and winning the race. Our proficient team of experts works throughout to reach out to people on social media in a different way, but much more effective than the competitors. We track the competitors with keen eyes, their social media activities, what’s keeping the consumers engaged and much more. Through this approach and methodology, we ensure we pick up those strategies that could work best and avoid those which don’t serve the purpose.

A fair amount of time is also devoted to analyzing various social media activities. Keeping ourselves well informed of the traffic earned through social media platforms, we deploy Google Analytics certified professionals in our team who smartly go through Google Analytics reports to understand what are the social media, activities which could work best for the specific clients helping us recognize those key points which further enhance our experience with social media marketing.

Choosing Right Social Media Platforms

Selecting appropriate social media platforms and strategizing content accordingly is of great significance. We identify what sort of business our clients deal in after that we mark where most of their customers can be reached out. Hundreds of social media platforms are out there and we choose the best-suited ones for our clients to mark their presence and reach out to customers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and many more are where we regularly post engaging contents. We also ensure the content is well optimized according to the different platforms for maximum impact.

Social Media Paid Advertising Management

Paid Advertising on social media has come to be a critical strategy when it comes to online marketing. It is a great method presenting unique opportunities for businesses to strategically connect to different customers, target specific demographics in the ways which appeal their interest and aspirations. The target audience can be selected for your contents based on interest, location, gender and age group etc. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and almost all the famous social media platforms offer paid advertising feature. As one of the best Social Media PPC companies of Delhi, we put up striking ads on these platforms and get maximum returns ensuring a good Return on Investment for our clients. We have designed hundreds of campaigns on social media and brought results at very low bid prices.
We remain well aware of which type of campaigns to run on each social network, how to direct our campaigns to the potential customers and how to optimize them to ensure the best results for our clients’ money. Initially we create broad campaigns then we narrow them down depending on the results brought about by the campaigns. Also, we keep launching new campaigns to target niche consumers and others belonging to different strata who might be a small group size yet big spenders for the type of products and services being catered to. We utilize advanced tools mastered over the years to bring the desired results. Our clients would be experiencing the dramatic results the campaigns would be able to generate.

Social Media Marketing Optimization

A number of companies follow the same strategy on social media over and over again. Posting some creatives and consider it sufficient to yield the desired outcome. However, Social Media management demands much more than that; meticulous attention and constant optimization. As a distinguished social media management agency of Delhi, we constantly evaluate the results of our social media campaigns in order to strengthen the brand position, generate leads, get more visibility and connect with the target audience. Based on the analysis, we further keep optimizing the posts we add to our client’s social media pages and channels to ensure each post is able to generate the best result, falling in line with the business objectives.

Which Social Network is Best for Social Media Marketing?

This happens to be one of the frequently asked questions and the most pressing one, too. And our answer goes like there is no ready answer that fits in all the situations. We select the channel depending on the type of products or services that our clients are striving to offer. Like, for the products supposed to be sold on its visual appeal and grandeur, the social networks that work best for images would be best to go with. Hence, Instagram and Pinterest top the list in that scenario. Some products or services involve some sort of demonstration for which we need to create videos to let the users be educated about the products. We resort to YouTube, Facebook etc., to market those videos. As one of the best social media management companies, we believe in our abilities to pick the appropriate social networks that can work best for the brands and the products.

What Are The Best Times to Post on Social Networks

Another question most of our clients struggle with as to when is the best time to post-marketing content on social networks. As a fast-growing social media marketing agency, we are well aware of the fact that when to put social media posts depends on lots of factors. First of all, best posting time differs from channel to channel, public mood to social trends. For social networks like Twitter and Facebook, the demographical details of the followers need to be closely monitored and analyzed to find out when they happen to be online and which time is the most suitable to generate maximum interaction with your posts. In some cases, the followers might be online during the late evening, after office hours, while in some cases the followers might be online during office hours only. Having analyzed all this we ensure to determine the best posting time for the social media networks. We also continue to experiment with different posting times to see whether we are able to get some hidden gems.

How Frequently Should We Post on Social Media Networks

This is certainly one of the important aspects of social media marketing strategy, if not the most. In order to have constant interaction with the social media followers, it is of utmost importance to keep posting on social networks regularly and punctually. However, it’s significant to control the frequency of social media posts and it has to be determined separately for each social network. For social networks like Facebook and Instagram, posting twice a day can work wonders. For Twitter, Posting multiple times a day, for a limited number of users happen to be online at any point in time. And as for Whatsapp, we prefer to post only once a day or less, otherwise, the users might get overloaded with the information, as a result, the very purpose might be lost in the flood. Therefore, we work out the ideal posting frequency according to the social networks we are managing and make sure our clients get the best interaction without alienating the followers. Being one of the most trustworthy social media management agencies, you can count on us for that.

So, to summarize what are the best practices in social media management:

Let’s have a quick glance over the best practices that we follow while managing social media:
  • We decide on the posting frequency keeping the social networks we are managing in view. Different posting frequencies serve the purpose best for each social network.
  • We monitor the most suitable posting time based on the followers. We analyze in order to find out when those followers are online in major strength and post accordingly.
  • We put up the type of content that works best for the products or services being offered. In some cases, we post awesome looking images are put up, while in some cases eye-catching videos are created for the products, while in some cases we might post polls, events, etc.
  • We continue to do the analysis of the social media networks to see what is working best and then we further strive to improve upon that.
  • We maintain a close watch on the competitors to see what kind of social media strategies are being adopted by them and see whether they work while avoiding those which don’t work.
  • We are quite efficient at paid marketing on social media management. We run paid campaigns on all the social networks; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • As one of the best social media management companies of Delhi-NCR, we assess and determine which social networks will be working best for the products and services, and then after focus on them. Money is not required to go for the networks that might not yield the best results. We ensure best ROI for our clients.
  • Finally, we are well aware of the fact that it is very important to have interaction with the followers on social media since they act as the virtual brand ambassadors. A happy social media follower would not hesitate to flaunt the brand and product in front of all his family members and friends. Therefore, we strive to have a one-on-one connection with each of the social media follower.
Hence, whatever social media marketing needs may be, our client can rely on us to bring about the desired results providing the best social media marketing services. That is why we are one of the fast emerging and the most sought-after social media marketing companies of Delhi-NCR.