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Augmented Reality Technology and its promising potential

In an era where technology has pervaded into every sphere of our lives, made an immense impact across the industries, it has become predominant and accessible for everybody. It has redefined the way we tend to communicate, work, educate, entertain and organize our lives and attitudes. It has also refashioned the approach we tend to see the opportunities and possibilities since the reality technologies and affordable instruments such as Augmented Reality glasses were ushered in.

Our Augmented Reality services are now viewed as potential game changer having provided the capability to blend the real world with computer graphics creating an enhanced user experiences; delivery of real time information when and where it is considered to be essential with fewer hardware and dependencies of few people.

What are we doing as an AR app development company?

With each step forward in the digital revolution, the line between the real life and virtual life is getting blurrier. We, as an AR app development company, aim to focus on innovation, provide an engaging and absorbing experience to the consumers with Augmented Reality applications for android/ios and Augmented Reality mobile game development company, catapulting it into the top league of one of the hottest and most sought after digital transformation trends which is driving innovation in major industries these days.

Our AR software is not just advanced & developed it is experienced in its truest sense. Our team contains extremely skilled professionals, keen to explore and uncover the endless prospects of Augmented Reality technology in the domains of experiential marketing, healthcare, publishing, education, automotive, producing, and manufacturing, etc. Our Augmented Reality apps provide a great deal of compelling advantages that are dynamic visual cues in staging experiences, annotation of real-time images of the physical objects, location-based technology, customizable preferences etc., leading to a harmonious co-existence of the real world and the virtual world.

Augmented Reality Services offered by Immersive Gaze

Image recognition (marker/markerless) based mostly augmented Reality apps

Model target recognition based mostly augmented Reality apps

AR gaming app